Rick's Recycled Metal Art

Meet the Artist

My interest in welding began over six year ago. I’ve always been somewhat of a handyman, with experience in woodwork and masonry, but there was something special about welding. With a single pile of scrap metal and a little bit of imagination I can make hundreds, or even thousands, of unique creations.

All of the materials I use for my art is recycled. I work with silverware, gears, old tools, car parts, and other forged metals. Most materials are sourced from friends, secondhand shops, and other metals that would have been discarded. One of the most rewarding parts of welding is being able to take materials that would have otherwise gone to waste and giving them new life.

Most of my pieces are made primarily from metal including desktop figure, garden art, and waterfalls. But my art is not strictly a solo journey. I collaborate often with a good friend and skilled woodworker, Dave Denner. Together, we combine our unique craftsmanship to build custom furniture.

The Green Shepherdess Store is the combined effort of my wife, Shanon, and I and is the new home for my metal creations. We appreciate your interest in our mission and hope you find meaning in all of our artists’ works.