ARTtatouille "A Visual Delicacy for your Senses"

The Other Self 2012  

Patsy Gunn, B.F.A., M.A. 


The Existential Artist

Hello and Thank you for your interest In my artwork. I call my collection of art, Arttatouille. The name Arttatouille embraces the many ingredients that imbue each individual composition; a stewpot of life’s experiences that resonate within me along this journey we call life. 

I currently work in several mediums. For example; acrylics, pastels, gouache, pen and ink, encaustic, and mixed mediums. Overtime my collection of art has embraced  everything from portraits to abstracts, so please feel free to contact me for special orders. 

As with many artists, I too have a driving force behind my art. It is the way I perceive the reciprocity between me and the world, and this is my inspiration for images. 

I recognize art as a process that involves an interconnection between all that is seen or unseen, and self. As I engage with my materials to create an artwork it is exhilarating to experience various modes of human existence through the freedom and the independence of my sensory perception. This is particularly true through my vision that is enhanced with thoughts and feelings, such as, love, spiritualism, enthusiasm, bliss, melancholy, subtleness, and so on. It is the intertwining of these sensations with a subject that speaks to me and allows the art to emerge, thus, linking subject, meaning and materials into a multilayer tapestry of life experiences, 

New areas of interest continue to arise when I walk in awareness within the diversity of ordinary life. No matter how mundane a subject might seem, surrendering  to the  flow of its sensuousness reflects a transformative interconnection between the Divine and humanity. 

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