Our store hours: Wed & Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 9am-4pm 217 Third St Fairport

Our store hours: Wed & Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 9am-4pm 217 Third St Fairport

Our store hours: Wed & Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 9am-4pm 217 Third St Fairport Our store hours: Wed & Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 9am-4pm 217 Third St Fairport Our store hours: Wed & Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 9am-4pm 217 Third St Fairport

Looking for something to do this winter? We also offer classes, workshops, and retreats at the "1850 House" in Painesville

Who Are We?


Many of our items are hand-made by local artists including metal work, paintings, and wood-work.  In addition to shopping in our store, join us for a class to make your own hand-made creation!  


You are sure to find a one-of-a-kind gift item! The Green Shepherdess is focused on fostering and promoting creativity. 

We offer a variety of workshops, retreats, and classes at the "1850 House" in Painesville. 

Justly Created

We carry a variety of fairly traded, sustainable gift items from around the world including coffee, tea, housewares, and more.  We carry pieces from a number of local artists as well. 

Shopping with a vision and mission

Renewing Viriditas through the creative arts


What is The Green Shepherdess?

It is the creative genius of St. Hildegard of Bingen expressed in diverse and tangible ways here in Fairport Harbor, Ohio! 

Rev. Dr. Shanon Sterringer has been a student of St. Hildegard of Bingen for over a decade culminating in several graduate and post-graduate degrees.  Having traveled to Bingen, Germany on several occasions for research and pilgrimage, Shanon felt a call to bring the charism of this 12th century creative genius to NE Ohio through ministry, writing, creative arts, and this unique gift-shop. 

Hildegard of Bingen was holistic in her approach: mind, body, and spirit are equally important to one's overall health and wellbeing.   Hildegard was a German, Benedictine Mystic, Healer, Preacher, Artist, Musician, and Abbess who understood a divine order to all of creation.  Her work supports the idea that we express our love and admiration for this sacred presence when we co-create a "greener" world through art, writing, music, dance, liturgy, natural healing, and simply sharing the gift of ourselves with others. 

She believed we begin to feel "dry" or lacking in viriditas (greening power) when we are disconnected from the divine presence.  When we engage in activities that foster creativity and relationship, we renew and restore viridity and become green again. 

This gift store seeks to build and renew relationships on the local level through partnerships with local artists.  On the global level, The Green Shepherdess is dedicated to mission of promoting "fair-trade" and sustainable practices.  We hand-select the products we sell with the intent on bettering the lives of those who produce the products.   

In addition to two doctorates, Shanon holds a MA in Catholic Social Teaching and has been involved in a number of "fair-trade" programs over the last two decades focused on just wages, safe working conditions, and women's empowerment. She has travelled to a number of places where the products are being produced and she brings her personal experience/awareness to this effort. 

The Green Shepherdess is not simply a gift shop.  It is an experience and an opportunity to make a difference in our world - locally and globally - with each purchase.  For more information, please email office@thegreenshepherdess.org 

Photo 2019: Rev. Dr. Shanon Sterringer on the intersecting bank of the Nahe and Rhine Rivers in Bingen, Germany